Coastal Modelling

Coastal Modelling Working Group (CMWG) is a network of 9 coastal modelling teams, and focuses on developing national coastal-estuarial modelling for operational forecasts and research applications, supporting hydrographic and environmental studies, transport and water quality assessments as well as climate change research (Fig. 1). Seamless modelling capacities have been developed, resolving the coastal-estuary to open sea continuum, with solutions using one-way nesting, two-way nesting and finite element schemes, for both physical and biogeochemical variables. The CMWG aims to improve the exchange of knowledge, data and tools for a better implementation of near-coastal processes in the partners operational and research models.


Fig. 1. An illustration of some of the national coastal-estuarial forecasting systems developed by BOOS partners.

For more details:

  • WG activity summary (2021, 2022)