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Internal BOOS-Project on System Design and Products

Terms of Reference

  1. Follow closely the discussions and planning of the GMES Marine Core Service system to secure that the Baltic is properly addressed in these plans and the design of the BOOS is living up the European standards. Prepare a list of key products and services to be provided by the future BOOS Marine Core Service system.

  2. Design an effective production system for marine core services in the Baltic Sea based on the expertise, capabilities and resources of the BOOS partners.

  3. The system design must also include:

  4. a) A system for a dialog with user group representatives to monitor the use of observations, nowcasts, forecasts and derived products as well as suggestions for changes to improve their quality.

    b) A system for monitoring the strengths and weaknesses of existing products and services, and requests from the user community.

    c) A system for reviewing and advising on the effectiveness, coordination and operation of operational products and services delivered by the BOOS system including performance with respect to timeliness, standards, quality and relevance to established user requirements.

    d) A system for ensuring effective coordination and cooperation with groups and bodies in the area of service provision.

    e) A system for raising awareness and further developing the market for operational oceanographic products.

  5. The WG will primarily work by e-mail correspondence.

Members:  The Steering group