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Internal BOOS-Project on Modelling


Terms of Reference

  1. To improve the forecast skill and reliability of the operational models in the Baltic Sea the BOOS Modelling Working Group shall make a plan to design and implement automated distributed (multimodel) systems (based on the BSH cmod code) to produce various BOOS model products (sea level, SST, current, waves, ice, ecosystem).

  2. WG shall update the status of data assimilation in operational Baltic Sea models. Plans to upgrade and implement new assimilation methods should be made.

  3. WG shall sketch a plan for implementation of super ensemble forecasting

  4. WG shall make plans how to further develop basin scale models (and data distribution) so that boundary data for local scale models would be usable and accessible. Also the possibility to take feedback from local scale models to basin scale models should be discussed in the plan.

  5. Report progress to the BOOS STG and to the BOOS Annual meeting

  6. The WG will primarily work by e-mail correspondence.


Jun She, Chair

Juris Sennikows

Jan Jedrasik

Laura Tuomi

Urmas Raudsepp

Frank Janssen

Lennert Funkquist