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Internal BOOS-Project on Real-time-Observations

Terms of Reference

  1. Identify the optimal location of fixed platforms for in-situ-observations using the results of the PAPA-WP2-Project

  2. Evaluate possible ferry lines to be included in a ferry-box-project-like manner

  3. Evaluate cost-effective platform or mooring types for in-situ observations

  4. Identify the possibilities to get real-time data from research vessels

  5. Evaluate the optimal observation network using the ODON-Software system

  6. Develop a practise to assure the minimum quality assurance proposed by the PAPA-project

  7. Establish a list of scientist and engineers in charge of technical maintenance of real-time observation systems and propose direct communication

  8. The WG will primarily work by e-mail correspondence.


Henrik Lindh, Chair

Urmas Lips

Detlev Machoczek

Seppo Kaitala