Working Groups

BOOS is an association of 23 oceanographic institutes and centers working on operational oceanography in 9 Baltic Sea countries. Major BOOS collaboration activities are volunteer-based and carried out in a form of working groups (WGs, Fig. 1). In addition, the collaborations are also boosted by joint research projects with external funding e.g. from EU Framework Programme, Interreg and ESA. The modelling collaboration consists of 6 WGs, i.e., coastal sea modelling, ocean model NEMO-Nordic, data assimilation, multi-model ensemble (MME) forecasting, calibration and validation (cal/val) of operational models, marine plastics, which are coordinated by BOOS Modelling Program. In addition, there are 4 WGs working on data management and observations, i.e., real-time sea level exchange, ship data near real time delivery, riverine data sharing and collection, Argo and glider monitoring, and one working group on maintaining BOOS website.

BOOS Working Group

A summary of BOOS Working Groups

Work Group (WG) Leading person/partner Partners
Argo & Glider WG Laura Tuomi FMI, GU, IO PAN, IOW, SMHI, TalTech, VOTO
Coastal Modelling WG Jens Murawski DMI, AU, BSH, KU, HEREON, IOPAN, SMHI, SYKE, UL
Data Assimilation WG Jun She DMI, AWI, BSH, FMI, SMHI, TalTech
Marine Plastic WG Jun She DMI, BSH, HEREON, IMGW, SYKE, TalTech, UL
Multi-Model Ensemble WG Tabea Rebekka Panteleit BSH, DMI, FMI, GEOMETOC, IOPAN, SMHI, TalTech
River Data WG Patrick Gorringe SMHI, +Atlantic, BSH, DMI, IMGW, SYKE, TalTech, UL
Real-Time ship data exchange WG Johanna Linders SMHI, BSH, DMI, FMI, IOW, IOPAN, SYKE, TalTech
Cal/Val WG Simon Jandt-Scheelke  BSH, DMI, FMI, GEOMETOC, SMHI, TalTech, UG
NEMO-Nordic WG Joanna Staneva HEREON, BSH, DMI, FMI, SMHI, SYKE, TalTech
Operational Sea level Data Exchange WG  Thorger Brüning, Vibeke Huess DMI, BSH, EMI, EPA, FMI, IMGW, LEGMC, SMHI, SMA, TalTech
Machine Learning WG Jian Su DMI, FMI, HEREON, IOPAN, TalTech (TBC)
Remote Sensing WG Miraslow Darecki   IOPAN, BSH, DMI (TBC), EMI (TBC), FMI (TBC), SYKE (TBC), KU, EPA